About Our Kirkland, WA Veterinarians

Dr. Judy Hung - Medical Director
University of Pennsylvania, Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris

kirkland wa area veterinariansInterests: Dentistry, dermatology

Dr. Hung knew at the age of seven that she wanted to be a veterinarian. Her family moved from Taiwan to Grants Pass, Oregon where she was introduced to Spotty the Dalmatian and Jake the Siamese cat. "We also walked past sheep, goats, horses, and cows on the way to school. I was utterly fascinated by these creatures and knew I wanted to become a veterinarian." Shortly afterwards, her family moved to Shoreline, Washington where she spent most of her time building up her grades and extracurricular activities to be accepted into the prestigious Ivy league school, The University of Pennsylvania.

She graduated with a degree in Biology and Economics in 1993, and continued on for four more years at Penn for her doctorate degree in veterinary medicine. During this time, she met Dr. Barbara Deeb while working as a veterinary assistant near Greenlake. Though Dr. Deeb passed away in 2005, she remains an inspiration to Dr. Hung with her compassion and gentle touch for all her patients. After working in Pennsylvania for a couple of years, she moved West and practiced in Anaheim, California, and then finally returned home to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2001 where she gained valuable management experience serving as a medical director in Bellevue. In October 2008, she opened Eastside Veterinary Associates in Kirkland just two blocks from the Costco she grew up going to.

Now that her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian has been realized, Dr. Hung enjoys developing long term relationships with her patients and their owners. She considers herself the pet's advocate from puppy/ kitten to senior stages. Dr. Hung is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA).

kirkland wa area veterinariansEastside Veterinary Associates and Dr. Hung have been named Top Vet by Seattle Met Magazine or Best Vet by 425 Magazine every year since opening in 2008. She is extremely proud of her staff and credits them for helping to make the experience at Eastside Veterinary Associates exceptional.

During her time outside of Eastside Veterinary Associates, Dr. Hung loves to just hang out with her family, made up of her husband, two kids, two cats, one dog, one chinchilla, and chickens. She gives presentations to the school children who aspire to be veterinarians someday and volunteers at Lighthouse Christian Church in Bellevue. She wants all kids to know that they have the potential to impact the world in a positive way with their perseverance and passion.

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Dr. Erika Glocker - Associate Veterinarian
Washington State University, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

kirkland wa area veterinariansInterests: Dentistry, internal medicine

Dr. Erika Glocker is a General Practitioner who has been practicing in the Seattle/Eastside area since 1996. Initially, Dr. Glocker had planned on becoming a human doctor. However, her experience with caring for animals and the unique challenges and rewards of veterinary medicine encouraged her down her current path.

A native of Bellevue, Washington, Dr. Glocker attended Lake Forest College where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1991. After graduating from college, she worked at a veterinary hospital near her home and began applying to veterinary school. In 1992, she entered Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and earned a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1996.

Though she is skilled in all veterinary modalities, Dr. Glocker holds a particular professional interest in Dentistry. Now that she is a practicing veterinarian, Dr. Glocker says she very much enjoys the opportunity to use her skills to help her clients' pets. In particular, she remembers one kitten with a rather interesting surprise. "During my first year out of veterinary school a client brought in their six-month-old kitten that would randomly jump like some invisible object was poking it," she says. "I ended up removing a sewing needle that made it all the way to her colon. Amazing how far that needle traveled before it caused a problem."

Not long after graduating veterinary school, Dr. Glocker married her husband Paul after becoming reacquainted at their 10-year high school reunion. The couple has three young children, Maria, Hugh, and Hank. The family also provides a home for a Setter mix named Diggity, 2 black cats that are virtually identical litter mates named Blackie and Smokey, and a box turtle named Chuck that she adopted from her brother in 1989.

Recently, Dr. Glocker was named Top Vet by Seattle Met Magazine. She is part of the amazing team at Eastside Veterinary Associates named Best Vet by 425 Magazine every year since 2009, and by Seattle Magazine in 2010!

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Dr. Stacy Chartrand - Associate Veterinarian
Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

kirkland wa area veterinarians

Dr. Stacy Chartrand grew up in Montreal, Canada always wanting to be a vet and was an avid horseback rider until a fall resulted in spending three weeks in a hospital bed with a broken elbow. The horseback riding ended but the dream to work with animals continued. Struggling over many hurdles getting to veterinary school which only helped reinforce her desire to persevere and become a veterinarian. With only 4 vet schools in Canada at the time, competition for entry was steep and time was spent in Biology and Pharmacy programs to best prepare for many more years of training. Upon graduating from at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, in 2001, Stacy began her career as veterinarian working in both the general practice and emergency departments of a large referral center in Ottawa.

With great mentors throughout her training, Stacy continued to learn in new places and practices as she followed her husband's journey through his medical training. From 2003 until 2011, the family relocated three times. The journey started with living in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she worked at Vancouver Animal Emergency for six years, focusing on emergency and critical care procedures and developing skills in ultrasound and endoscopy. From Vancouver, she bounced across the country to Boston and lived for one year working in a general practice in South Boston. Boston is where and her son was born and shortly thereafter they returned to Canada for a year in Toronto, where her husband's fellowship training finished. Upon completion the whole family returned happily to the west coast in 2011.

All of Stacy's own pets have moved many times with them as well and provided with many challenges but also always some sense of home. Stacy recalls many times thinking - Home is where the cats are! The moves now are done for good. The family is now settled in Juanita bay area, Kirkland. Nothing feels more familiar and like home to Stacy now than the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Stacy is exceedingly happy to have been asked to join the great staff at Eastside Veterinary Associates. She is happy to be a part of a conscience group who takes pride in their work and value the trust the clients place in them. Stacy is eager to continue focusing on her interests of internal medicine, senior health and pain management and equally eager to continue grow as a veterinarian continuing to learn from her new colleagues and continuing to expand experience and knowledge in many other areas of veterinary medicine.

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Dr. Penny Olson- Associate Veterinarian
Ontario Veterinary College, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Colorado State University, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

kirkland wa area veterinarians

Dr. Penny Olson grew up in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and wanted to be a vet since she was a little girl. Early animal experiences included the family's cats and spending time in the local woods and ponds looking for creatures. After two years in a Zoology program at the University of Toronto, Penny gained admission to the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph. Summer jobs along the way included working with seals and other marine life, cows, fish, and rabbits. Upon graduating from veterinary college, in 1996, Penny began her career as a veterinarian working in a small animal/exotics practice before moving to the general practice of the same large referral center in Ottawa where Dr. Chartrand worked.

Penny relocated to Bellevue in 2006 due to Microsoft acquiring the Ottawa software startup where her husband worked. Cats and a guinea pig also made the journey to Washington State. A baby girl joined the family in 2010.

In 2007, Penny became certified in Veterinary Acupuncture at the Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians course at Colorado State University. She has continued to pursue her interest in Eastern medicine by undertaking the Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine Certification course with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society.

Penny is thrilled to have been asked to join the great staff at Eastside Veterinary Associates. She is happy to be a part of a group who values high medical standards and excellent customer service. Penny is eager to continue focusing on her interests in feline medicine, pain management and complementary and alternative medicine.

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